17 thoughts on “Video Update!

  1. I found myself moving over to podcasting from blogging too. To have a consistently decent quality of blogging output requires a lot more work than a decent quality podcast. I also think I get a lot more feedback from my viewers than I ever got from the blog readers.

    I really enjoyed your “video update”. It’s definitely more personal and you feel more of a connection with you than from the written word and photographs.

  2. I so enjoyed this! I have 2 small skeins of the Summer Nights colorway and am now wondering if a contrasting heel-toe-cuff will help me eek out 2 pairs with it.
    I’m so happy for your family and your new little one!

  3. haha! You’re welcome Kelly! Glad to see your video turned out so well and glad you’re enjoying your bag and arne and carlos :-)

  4. You’re adorable.

    The only thing I would add/change would be some sort of “show notes” section below the video where you do links to patterns (or your project pages), links to the shops mentioned, that kind of thing….because I found myself pausing the video, going to my (already opened) Ravelry tab, searching for the patterns, adding them to my queue, then maybe wandering off to one of the sock yarn online shops that I know carries the yarn you’re talking about (if I don’t already have it). But that’s me.

    Generally speaking, I don’t have a ton of time to watch video podcasts (or listen to them, to be honest)…..small children do not cooperate with things like that. But, I need to make an effort…

  5. That was fun :)
    You are great on camera – so much fun to see you and hear your voice. I think you are a natural.
    Congratulations on your new little babe in progress!

  6. I have missed your blog and keep checking to see if you posted. I was happily surprised to see a video! I like the videos-more personal and you can just talk! I hope to see more. Thank you!

  7. OMG!!! I was so excited when I checked your blog and saw that you put up a video!!! Loved it so much and I really hope you continue.

  8. Thanks for sharing about your test knit. It turned out so cute! I also have the Merriment pattern and now I’m thinking I may need to cast that on as well. Although I’m 39 weeks today (!!!) I probably won’t get it done in time :)

  9. So enjoyed this “update”! Connecting virtually with another knitter is motivating and I enjoy the video and its conversational tone.

  10. I enjoyed your video too! All the best for your second pregnancy. You have beautiful FOs. I particularly love the sweater with cables!

  11. Loved it all! You should do a podcast you’re a natural….or video updates every few months would be nice too! Thanks for keeping me company during a blustery storm day in PEI

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