Journey Review and Giveaway

I’m excited to be able to review another book from Marian Rae Publications


by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook

Journey is an aesthetically pleasing coffee table book featuring 6 knit designs.

Each design is captured beautifully by Nicholas Kupiak’s stunning photography.

The designs include: Climb, a modern take on the classic work sock.

Spate, a delightfully textured pair of fingerless gloves with a flip top option for those extra chilly morning’s.

Onward, a triangular shawl with a modern flare. This shawl is knit from worsted weight yarn and would be the perfect wrap to cosy up under this winter.

and Swift, a fun lacey toque with lots of texture.

I was especially taken by both garments in the book.

 Antrorse, designed by Shannon, is that cosy sweater you want to curl up in with a good book, romp around the woods, or enjoy a fun day out in, Basically if you want cosy yet stylish this is the sweater for you.

 Inland designed by Jane. the bulky cardigan that I could live in. It’s safe to say I’m pretty much always cold and I could be completely content to live warmly in this cardigan for the rest of my days.

I could see myself in both of these everyday with my favourite pair of boots but I am having such a hard time choosing colours and yarns.

For Antrorse I keep coming back to this palette:

The two on the Left are Quince and Co Osprey in Kumlien’s Gull and Honey. The two on the right are Cascade Cloud in Golden and Cinnamon. I could see myself wearing this one in colour and in something more neutral so its taking me some time to decide which of these four colours, if any, I want to go with it.

For Inland I really love the neutral look that will go with anything.  I’m thinking a very pale grey like

Quince in Co Puffin in Iceland although I do love the orginal colour it was knit in as well. I just can’t choose.

Oh decisions! What colour would you knit Antrorse or Inland in?

Journey is available for purchase on Ravelry and Marian Rae Publications with options to purchase the hard copy, digital copy, both hard and digital or individual patterns on Ravelry.

Thank you so much to Marian Rae Publications for providing me with a copy of the book for review.

 Jane and Shannon have generously offered an ebook copy of Journey to giveaway to one lucky reader. In order to be entered please leave a comment telling me something memorable about a Journey you have taken.

Comments will be open until midnight Monday the 9th of December.

Good Luck!

107 thoughts on “Journey Review and Giveaway

  1. I especially like the climb socks. For some reason, I have never knit a pair of socks! I’d love to start with these.

  2. I’m on a difficult journey right now, involving many doctors, medications, and a lot of self-discovery. Up to this point, my most memorable journey was a trip I took alone to Germany after I graduated from High School. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did! Including a flight malfunction with a belly landing and the loss of all of my luggage (including my diabetes supplies). It was the most fun I have ever had!

  3. Not a happy memory – the trip we took last Feb to Florida ended with a tired, screaming toddler. They kept changing the altitude of the plane due to storms. We had plenty of snacks and drinks, but after they ran out/she got full … well, how do you explain to a 2-yo how to pop their ears. We said we wouldn’t fly with her again until she was 10 😛

  4. I have a fond and positive memory of my first journey to Islay with my husband (then boyfriend – but he proposed to me there on a second journey). It was our first real journey together and we enjoyed the time on the island while I was knitting the first sweater for him.

  5. I feel like the last couple of months have been a journey of sorts for my family and I. We almost lost my dad at the end of September. He had a ruptured aortic aneurysm – which has a survival rate of 10-15%. We were told numerous times that first week while he was in ICU that we should consider turning off life support. That procedures they were going to try were “not going to be as successful as we hoped.” My dad walked out of the hospital two months to the day. The last two months have been a journey of hope, of family love and support, of determination. It has been a journey that has brought all of my family closer together, and ever more mindful of how fragile life is.

  6. Most recently, my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Maui and went on a day-long journey around the island, starting with breakfast in the hills (surround by goats!) and ending by watching surfers on the north shore break. Just gorgeous!

    Love this book! Thanks!

  7. I’m on a journey lately of balancing being an introvert with an increasing social life, and an extrovert husband. Normally I wouldn’t consider this to be a journey, but it feels like I’m stretching and learning every week, so I’m counting it!

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