I Heart Cardigans

Pattern: I Heart Cardigans by Tanis Lavallee

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Chris Grey

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Over the summer Tanis asked me to test her newest design I Heart Cardigans.

Sometimes I swear Tanis is in my head because she always seems to design the perfect garment that I am dreaming about at that point and time. She hit the nail on the head with I Heart Cardigans.

A cozy worsted weight cardiganized version of I Heart Aran with tons of cabley goodness and that shawl collar I love so much. This cardigan couldn’t get any better….. or could it?

When choosing a colour for my cardigan I knew I wanted something neutral. A colour that would go with anything yet still looking amazing on its own.

When Tanis’ Green Label arrived in her new colourway Chris Grey I was in heaven. A soft grey with a very subtle green throughout to give it that little pop.

Green Label is superwash and definitely grows when blocking. I was terrified to put my gorgeous cardi in the dryer as recommended on the ball band but Tanis assured me it would be ok. I kept a VERY close eye on it and ended up having to leaving it in a bit longer in my old machine to get it back to normal size.

 My only mods while knitting were to add a bit of length to the body and sleeves to accommodate my long torso and arms. I also omitted the button holes altogether.

The perfect cardigan that has seen a lot of wear already and will continue to through Autumn and Winter.

If you happen to be at Knit East in a few weeks you’ll get to see it in action.

12 thoughts on “I Heart Cardigans

  1. It’s gorgeous. It was added to my queue recently but I’ll probably have to modify it to fit me correctly. Oh well, I need to spend some time doing math…

  2. Love your version of this fabulous cardi! A local yarn shop has a sale on now and I’m hoping I can get sweater quantities of TFA to knit up this beauty. I definitely love the colour you’ve chosen – it is so versatile. Lovely job!

  3. What a beautiful sweater! Too bad I’ve sworn off cap sleeves. Did you have to alternate skeins as you knit? I tried and failed to find yarn this past weekend for her French Braid cardigan.

  4. This cardigan is absolutely gorgeous and it looks super squishy and comfortable. Great neutral color for sure! I would have been the same if I had to put a handknit in the dryer, eek! The size turned out perfect though.

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