Frosty Acorn

I recently finished a test knit for Suvi of Suvi Knits.

I haven’t tested anything in a while and I honestly don’t really do testing anymore but when I saw Suvi’s sample I just knew that I wanted to knit it. It may have helped that I had the perfect yarn in my stash too.

I knit this with:

Yarn:  Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Alpaka in colours 3011 and 3009

Needles: 3.75mm and 4mm

Size:36 – 2′ of ease is built in.

The pattern is well written and easy to execute. I love the details on the cuff and the ribbing at the bottom of the yoke. It really sets it apart from anything I have come across.

I decided to knit the 36 for this sweater. That turns out to be a 34 with 2 inches of positive ease and it is just the right size for me and my growing bump. Enough room to grow a bit but still small enough that I can wear it afterwards too.

The yarn used is a fingering weight Alpaca so while it is warm it is still super lightweight. This is a perfect sweater for Early Fall!

There are so many beautiful versions of this popping up in the test group. It really does look great in a rainbow of colours but grey on grey was calling to me and I don’t think I will regret my colour choices. It is just so wearable!

The pattern is available here.

Owl Mitts

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about my winter accessories. I’m usually a matchy matchy person and like everything to co-ordinate so when I was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk the other day I realized my accessories needed some work.

Donning my sikkim, yellow and brown newfie mitts *that I adore*, casually cowl and large cowichan style cardi I most likely resembled multi coloured yarn barf walking down the road. I had a little think while I walked and decided to get my accessory baskets into some kind of order and see what I would need to knit to  be some what co-ordinated.

I found my Thermis that I knit last year. As it stands right now its a lone ranger, I have nothing else grey or complimentary to grey, mittens or hat wise. I do however remember when I bought the yarn for Thermis I bought enough grey and a complimentary colour to make co-ordinates. Sounded like a good place to start!

Enter the Give A Hoot mittens. I’ve had these in my queue since the pattern came out last year and thought they would compliment my thermis  nicely. I used the same Patons Classic Merino Wool in grey mix I used for thermis.

I knit up the first one in just over an hour’s worth of House! The second mitt is almost complete , I just need to find some eyes for my little owls.

I do have plans for a hat to complete this set, it includes delving into a side of knitting I’ve always been too intimidated to enter… Wish me luck!

Baby belly is 38 weeks 4 days in the pic :)

Tadpole’s Quilt

Its taken a while for me to get pictures of the next couple of packages. The weather has been dull and rainy which provides horrible lighting and I also needed Moose’s help  to showcase this next one.

This most gorgeous quilt was made by Pat of Pat`s Knitting and Quilting. If you haven`t had the opportunity to see Pat`s work yet, what are you waiting for, get right on over there and check it out. I`m always inspired by her  projects and her quilts are amazing!!!

Pat had posted the start of a beautifully bright baby quilt on her blog a few months ago. I immediately loved the bright colours and fun blocks she was using but never imagined it would end up being sent to The Ridge for Tadpole.

Is this not the most beautiful baby quilt you ever did see? If this doesn’t stimulate Tadpole’s little brain I don’t know what will.  I can’t wait to snuggle under this quilt with my little baby, not to mention that this will be great for story time, learning colours and shapes.

Tadpole is one lucky baby!!!

The back is lined with a lovely soft flannel that will be perfect for snuggling, I’ve been thinking about getting under it myself all week, especially after yesterday’s snow!

Moose was amazed at the many hours it must have taken to make this beauty and that it was made for our little one!

I don’t think I can express how much I truly love this quilt, the bright vibrant colours suit my and Moose’s personalities to a T and I imagine Tadpole will give it rave reviews in just a few weeks!

Thank you so much Pat, its perfect in every way!

*Two points for any who can spot Bosty in this post *:)


  Something very odd has been happening on The Ridge, odd yet wonderful.

It all started a few weeks ago when I received a package in the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything and didn’t recognize the address which I thought was odd but intriging. The package was from Sarah, her letter explained that Dianna had asked her if she would like to participate in a virtual baby shower for my little Tadpole… I think my mouth was trailing on the ground at this time…. a baby shower for Tadpole???? Moose was wondering what the heck I was reading and I explained that Dianna had set up a virtual baby shower for us. We are still both amazed that someone we have never met would organize this for us, not to the readers of my blog taking the time to make something for our little Pole. Truly this is amazing!

I  couldn’t not share this wonderful gift with you all, so I’ll be posting here and there about the wonderful gifts we have received from you my wonderful readers.

Like I said the first package I received was from Sarah, she made this gorgeous little hat for Tadpole.

This is a Prairie Poppins original design. According to Sarah  , the cable pattern comes from an Austrian knitting book she found in a museum filled with goods from Austrian Farmhouses. I love twisted cable patterns not to mention those cute little pompom/bobbles in the corners.

I’m not sure which yarn she used, its super soft and she did say it was superwash which will be good in case Moose accidentally gets his paws on it. He’s pretty good about knit things though and knows to leave them be or ask but ya never know.

You can’t really tell the size from the pattern but I’d say this will fit a newborn or month or two old Tadpole and will be ever so cute!!!

Thanks again Sarah its perfect!

The other package I received was from Amanda and Lily of Joli House.

Amanda knit this adorable Baby Surprise Jacket for Tadpole.

It’s knit with a lovely brightly coloured sock yarn great for a boy or girl and who couldn’t love those little ladybug buttons down the front?

I also love the, what looks like applied i-cord,  she used for the neck and trim, finishes it off so nicely!

This jacket is sooo adorably tiny! Would you believe I took these pictures with the jacket on a knitting needle??

Thank you Amanda and Lily I love it!

Tadpole will be a snug little newborn in this hat and jacket not to mention the most stylish little knitter baby :)


                            I’m officially 31 weeks, and with only 9 left to go we’re getting pretty excited! Its hitting home that by the end of next month I’ll have my own little person to look after and care for.

Totally pumped and a little nervous of the changes that will happen, I know everything will be fine and after that first week it will be like we’ve never been without Tadpole but I can’t help being a little antsy.

At the moment Tadpole is breech, doc said its normal for this stage but i’m still hoping he decides to turn in time for the birth. Meanwhile he sure is using those big feet to his full advantage and booting me in the ribs every chance he gets… not so fun.

I’ve been working away bit by bit at Tadpole’s room, I’ve changed my mind soo many times on what I want to do its crazy. I just hope I can pull it all together before Tadpole decides to arrive.

Growing growing….

Thought it was time for a little update on Tadpole, I seem to be growing growing….

We are 24weeks and 4 days now, hard to believe little Tadpole will be with us in a few short months.

Moose and I went away for a little overnighter, probably the only one we’ll have for some time. I’ve never actually left the dogs overnight since we got them almost 2 years ago so I was a little anxious in leaving them but they had fun with Nanny and Granda while we were gone and didn’t seem too lost without us. 

We did a little shopping, finally found  maternity capri’s that don’t look like mc hammer pants, ate  fabulous steak and spent some quality time splashing around in the pool. It was a wonderful break from the everyday and just what I needed.

                                                                                                            Ohhhhhh baby!!!