The time has come…

The time has finally come to tell you all what has been going on the last few months.

In a few short weeks we will be leaving our home on The Ridge to start a new chapter of life in a new house which will hopefully become home once again.

At first I had mixed feelings about leaving our country home but this move seems to be the right thing to do for our family at this time in our life.

There are definitely things I will miss but also things I’ll be glad to leave behind.

It has been a long couple of months and at times we thought everything with the sale of our house was going to fall apart.

We had 3 failed water tests and no water for a month, that was definitely an interesting time. Just when things were all starting to pile on top of me and  I could take no more things all started to get better and work out THANK GOODNESS!

It has been an interesting summer to say the least but we are hopeful things will only look up from here on out.

I think the transition will be the most difficult for the dogs….. there will no longer be free roam on 44 acres and copious amounts of bushes to explore in. Then again they are getting older and have definitely slowed down in pace, maybe they won’t mind at all….

I did start these plain vanilla socks which is about all my brain can handle right now. I’m using Knit Picks Felici in the Lighthouse colourway. My super cute bag was a prize I won on aplayfulday’s blog. The bag is made by That Clever Clementine and won through Lisa of Indie Untangled. Her site features new Indie dyers and makers and when their store updates will be so you will always stay in the know. The bag I won is actually a notions bag but it fits a sock wip in it so that’s what it is currently being used for. It’s the perfect small bag to throw into something else as you are heading out the door.

I have a few things I would like to show you before we make the move but if I don’t get around to it you will know I’ve just got my head stuck in a box somewhere.

You can keep tabs with me on Instagram if you so wish until I get back.

I’m truly hoping the rest of this move goes smoothly!

Snowed In

We have been battling snow storms lately….

We were blathered with a huge dumping of snow last weekend which left T and I snowed in.

It was a tonne of heavy snow so we took advantage of our situation and…. went out to play.

A couple of days later we woke up to another snowed in situation!

After shovelling off the deck and clearing paths we again decided more playtime was in order. Our sliding didn’t go quite as planned before of the shear amount of snow. We made it down the hill once and then had to wade through hip deep snow to get back up to the top.

This weeks game has been all about using the ice rink of a driveway to our advantage.

We made a hill on the opposite side of the driveway to slide down. Once we hit the bottom we just keep on going until we have to pull out the emergency brakes or smack into the house.

We have tried many different paths, sliding aids and conditions but the slide like you have a turtle shell seems to be the best so far.

That was a heck of a lot of snow thrown at us in the span of 3-4 days but by george we are making the most of it!

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year to you all.

We survived yet another dumping of snow, receiving 12 more inches and thankfully no more power outages. We are now settling into a deep freeze with temps with the wind chill at -39 C. Brrrr!!!

Pretty soon T will be walking level with the roof of her play house!

During December I worked hard to finish most of my WIPs. I succeed in finishing all but one! All I need to do is get some pictures so you can expect some FO’s coming shortly.

T had the chance to try out her new snow shoes on a family trek.

She did well and made it all the way around the loop with only a little bit of whining…

Since I was good and finished off my old projects I allowed myself to cast on a new project. While my winter boots are still in good condition on the outside, the insides are getting rather worn down and cold on the tootsies. I am going to try out some felt insoles to see if that helps but I also want some thicker socks.

I forgot just how quickly worsted socks work up!

The pattern is Rye by TinCanKnits and I’m using some Patons Classic Wool that I have had in my stash for a long time. The colourway is Bright Red.

My Rav project page

Rye is a free pattern and would be excellent for a first time sock knitter.

I cast on New Years Eve and cast off the first one New Years Day. I’m hoping to have the pair finished in the next day or two. I can just feel those toasty toes!

 Have you started a new project for a new year yet?

Interesting Christmas

Well Christmas has gone once again and it has been an interesting one here.

Last weekend we had a huge ice storm, we had freezing rain for 3-4 days continuously. Everything was covered in a coating of ice, the trees looked beautiful sparkling in the sun albeit a bit heavy and drooped. After the storm was over the trees started to droop more and before long 50,000 people in my province were without electricity. Power crews have been working tirelessly trying to restore power with crews coming in from other provinces.

We lost power on the 23rd, luckily we have a woodstove *not that we had ANY wood……* the stove is our alternative heat source so we don’t use it unless the power goes at least stay warm but so many don’t have an alternative heat source. We started cutting up boards that we had in the garage to burn. Moose worked Christmas Eve Day  so T and I met him at the station thinking we would at least get a warm meal at a restaurant before heading back home. The restaurant we went to closed at 7 christmas eve, we were next in line and were turned away. * I still can’t wrap my brain around every restaurant being closed when people have been without power for days. If I owned a restaurant the whole family would be there and we would feed people until there was no one left to feed.* Anyway, we ended up calling a chinese restaurant and they said they were closing but would take our order.

So we spent Christmas Eve eating Chinese food in our car :)

On Christmas Day we celebrated with a dinner of hot dogs and left over chinese food all the while just being thankful to be warm. Late on Christmas night the power came in and off 3 or 4 times. The last time it came on to stay, thankfully.

We cooked a turkey yesterday and my parents came over to get more water and get a good meal into them with the in laws before heading back to the house.

Last night we took a generator to folks that haven’t had power for 5 days and we are hoping to get hold of another one today to take to another family. If only I owned a hotel!!

So needless to say it has been an interesting christmas but one in which we are very thankful. Another snow storm is headed our way for Sunday and Monday which could put us all back to square one but fingers crossed we just get everyone back up and running….


Old Man…

Old Man winter has arrived!

Yesterday was our first snow storm of the season. Surprisingly the Ridge didn’t get as much snow as other parts of the province but there is enough to play and slide in so that’s all that really matters.

My boy adores the snow and spends much of his time looking exactly like this.

Molly on the other hand is getting older and can be seen shivering when she’s been outside for a while. I caved and bought her a winter jacket this year that will hopefully keep the cold off a bit.

Shepherd’s have such deep chests though and getting a jacket to fit right is challenging. There may be a hand knit sweater in her future as well.

My girl has been enjoying the snow too. Her favourite snow activities include shovelling and clearing off the car haha How long will that last?

A snowy day is also a perfect time to do some swatching, frogging of old projects and finishing up current projects in time for a fresh start in the new year.

What are you plans for the final weeks of 2013?

The Cat in the Hat

Halloween is over for another year and this is the only picture I have to show… *other than a few of The Cat before hand*

T decided that she wanted to be The Cat in the Hat this year so it only made sense that Moose and I be Thing 1 and Thing 2. This was our first year doing a family outfit and I must say it was a lot of fun!

I knit Thing 1 and Thing 2’s hair with a type of fun fur yarn called Loops and Threads Casper in Electric Blue. I cast on 60 sts knit until I thought it was the right point to start the decreases and then decreased every other row until only a few stitches were left.  If I were to knit these again I would add some additional length to the body of the hat because I kept pulling it down all night.

 I’m definitely glad the whole fun fur rage is over because I seriously do NOT like knitting with that stuff and I just wanted to get them off my needles as soon as possible.

Our sweaters were plain red sweaters from Walmart and I bought the iron on transfers from ebay. We topped it off with red mini gloves. I searched every where for red adult onsies but I came up empty handed.

My little Cat in Hat’s costume was a little harder to source. I thought it would be an easy costume to find because The Cat in the Hat is quite popular but I couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled him locally. I ended up ordering the Cat in the Hat kids kit from ebay which contained the hat, gloves and bow tie. The body of the cat was a cat costume I found at my local consignment store. It had a hood with a cat face on it that I took off and just sewed the neck shut. I found the white fur in the craft section of Walmart, cut it in an oval shape and tacked it down to the front.

It all came together quite well and I’m already plotting what we can do for next year!

Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without an obligatory T and Molly shot. I wanted to put the sweater on her but she’s battling skin issues right now and not feeling the best. I’m sure she wouldn’t have complained one bit though. We love our Molly girl!

Construction Update

Our first week of Construction went well, we accomplished a lot!

We dug up the driveway

and put in a french drain so the water will no longer pour straight towards the house. The water situation was what started the whole construction bender. Our front porch was rotting away as the water washed out the under side.

We dug  two more trenches to place sonotubes in for the new deck and porch.

Once those were filled back in we were able to get the concrete poured and set.

We had a very good fore*woman* keeping an eye on things for us.

Thankfully we got most of the digging done before T came home because once she got in that digger she didn’t want to get out.

She spent hours in there with daddy playing around in the dirt.

Next step: Hang the joices so we could frame some walls for the porch and small addition.

It’s coming along nicely but we still have a long way to go,

for my little house on The Ridge.


Things have been a tad busy up on the Ridge.

For the last week and a half I’ve been busy doing something  I really enjoy……

Ripping and Tearing!

We’ve started phase one of renovations on our house. It will probably take all summer to complete working at it when we can. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the end result but its going to be slow going as we piece things together.

The first thing that needed to get done was to tear things down.

This week I removed two small decks and a porch off the front of the house by myself.

 *Ice cream breaks included*

Thankfully Moose was home to help rip off the side decks because they were stubborn, and we wanted to save as much wood as we could for a future project.

*The Tiny Carpenter at work*

Everything needs to be off and cleared out by Monday morning because we have a rented toy coming that’s going to get some major play time this week.

I’ll be checking in when I can to show you the progress. I still have WIP’s and FO’s to share too so hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to throw those in as well.

Catch Up

Sorry its been so quiet around here.

We are knee deep in renovations….. spur of the moment renovations at that. For a long time we’ve been talking about splitting our bedroom, which is the length of the house into two. We definitely don’t use the extra space and it could be put to better use as a spare room.

So yesterday we got started!

Of course the only way to reno on the coldest week so far this winter *a frigid -25 C* is to wear stripey legwarmers with your work boots.

Things are going well and T is very excited to help us paint when we get to that point!

On the knitting front, I’ve picked up the only current WIP I have left to finish.

This is the French Braid Cardigan by Tanis Lavallee.

I’m pretty sure I started this the day Tanis released the pattern, Ravelry tells me it was April 26th. It is a top down cardigan and I managed to plow through to the underarms fairly quickly but then I was bombarded with tests and I knew I would need lots of concentration to do the body, so I set it aside until I could devote the time to finish it.

Well….. more than enough time has passed, the backlog is clearing up and I’m finally saying enough is enough. I want to wear this beauty so before I cast on for any more sweaters I’m going to finish this one first.

There was still a problem…. at the time I decided I was going to finish it I was really  craving stockinette and something mindless. I did start something else that I will share with you next time but now its full steam ahead to get this finished so I can wear it. I’m working on the second sleeve which is so close to being done and then I get cruise through the body.

What are you craving with your knitting right now??

Woodburne Cardigan

I recently had the chance to test knit the Woodburne Cardigan, Carol Feller’s newest pattern for her KAL.

As always I knew right away that I wanted to add Woodburne to my wardrobe and testing was the icing on the cake.

It is knit bottom up with a round yoke and a modified saddle shoulder construction. I had yet to knit saddle shoulders so this was a first for me.

I knit this with Di. Ve Zenith that I’ve had in my stash for a couple of years. I could never find the right pattern for this yarn because it has a bit of stretch to it. It was splitty to knit with but has wonderful stitch definition that really makes the cables pop.

I added a bit of length when knitting Woodburne but because I knew it was going to stretch out a bit when blocked I left about 2 inches for growth.

The cables on this one are so interesting and different and as a friend put it almost Art Deco-ish. It really lends a modern look to the cardigan.

One of my favourite things about Carol’s designs is that they are always different in the way they are constructed. Woodburne’s waist decreases are at the middle of the back between the cables instead of at the sides where you would traditionally find them. I love how it makes the cables look like they are pulled in at the back creating a nice waist.

The cables travel up the sleeves and right over the shoulders with the saddle construction.  The shoulders were easy to knit through once I got my head around what I needed to be doing.

It’s easy to get into ruts with your knitting.  We all usually have one construction style that we prefer and tend to knit it over and over again but I always like to challenge myself, learn something new. I always know I will most likely be knitting out of the box when working with Carol!

I couldn’t be happier with this knit. I knit the 30.5 size with a little bit of a different gauge to achieve a 33 bust. I’m seriously thinking of knitting 33″ busts from now on because they create that little bit of room and are just so darn comfy!

Although the KAL is almost over you can still purchase Woodburne and knit it at your own speed. I would definitely recommend it. This is one of my favourite cardigan’s to date.

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