Finishing up!

Tadpole is still hanging on with only 6 days till my due date.

It’s given me the chance to finally get some pictures of these last few knits.


Pattern: Bunny Tail by Susan B Anderson

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton ease in Taupe

Needles: 4.5mm

Start Date: September 15th 2009

Finish Date: September 16th 2009

 Mods: I omit the pompom tail, other than that knit to pattern.

Pattern: Kanoko Pants by Yumiko Sakurai

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton ease in Taupe

Needles: 4mm

Start Date: September 14th 2009

Finish Date: September 16th 2009

Once I started these pants I just couldn’t put them down. The changes from moss stitch, stockinette and purling kept my interest wondering what would be next. These two projects make a nice set and will be lovely and  warm this winter.


Tadpole’s Quilt

Its taken a while for me to get pictures of the next couple of packages. The weather has been dull and rainy which provides horrible lighting and I also needed Moose’s help  to showcase this next one.

This most gorgeous quilt was made by Pat of Pat`s Knitting and Quilting. If you haven`t had the opportunity to see Pat`s work yet, what are you waiting for, get right on over there and check it out. I`m always inspired by her  projects and her quilts are amazing!!!

Pat had posted the start of a beautifully bright baby quilt on her blog a few months ago. I immediately loved the bright colours and fun blocks she was using but never imagined it would end up being sent to The Ridge for Tadpole.

Is this not the most beautiful baby quilt you ever did see? If this doesn’t stimulate Tadpole’s little brain I don’t know what will.  I can’t wait to snuggle under this quilt with my little baby, not to mention that this will be great for story time, learning colours and shapes.

Tadpole is one lucky baby!!!

The back is lined with a lovely soft flannel that will be perfect for snuggling, I’ve been thinking about getting under it myself all week, especially after yesterday’s snow!

Moose was amazed at the many hours it must have taken to make this beauty and that it was made for our little one!

I don’t think I can express how much I truly love this quilt, the bright vibrant colours suit my and Moose’s personalities to a T and I imagine Tadpole will give it rave reviews in just a few weeks!

Thank you so much Pat, its perfect in every way!

*Two points for any who can spot Bosty in this post *:)

Widdle Socks

It only seems fitting that this next package from Monika, Biko and Happy arrived just before Socktoberfest got underway.

Tadpole’s first pair of socks!!!

How incredibly adorable are these socks??? 

 I love the garter stitch detail, so unique, I’ve never come across a pattern for baby socks that is this cute. I may have to give this pattern a go and make another pair for Tad. 

Love  that the package was addressed to “My name and Moose!” heheh

I laughed sooo hard when I pulled out this card…

 For those of you that haven’t been reading all that long, Moose calls me Donkey and obvious I call him Moose. This card was just too perfect,  love it when someone GETS me!

Monika chose the cutest fabrics, for these wonderful handmade, double sided bibs.  I couldn’t figure a way to get both sides in the shot so you’ll just have to believe me, they are awesome.

 She also made two wonderful, again double sided burp cloths to complete this wonderful package. I’d hadn’t  heard of a burp cloth until just recently but now I can definitely see how useful they are going to be.

Thank you so much Monika everything is sooo fabulous.

I appreciate the time you took to make and tailor everything to suit my personality!

Ohhh Baby!


Two days ago my brother became a Daddy!

Making me an aunt and introducing the first grandbaby to the family.

    She was one week overdue and weighted a hefty 8 pounds 5oz!

This little one and Tadpole are going to be closer in age than we though :)

I have lots of finished knits to show you that still need to be photographed, so until I get some pictures here’s a look at my newest project.

This is Daybreak by Stephen West of WestKnits. I’m knitting it with Regia 4ply and Louet Gems, its turning out quite nicely but may have to go on the back burner until I knock off the last couple of baby knits I want to get done.